Exotic Birds


Hand Painted Metal Peacock decorative garden figures (Forward Facing and Rear Facing models)

Approx. dimensions 60 x 40 x 13

Metal Peacock(Forward Facing)
Product Code 588
Outer Quantity 4

Metal Flamingo (Rear Facing)
Product Code 589
Outer Quantity 4

Peacock (Fantail)

Hand painted metal peacock decorative garden figure

Approx. dimensions 41 x 47 x 54cm


Fantail Peacock
Product Code 587
Outer Quantity 4

Metal Flamingo (Forward and Rear Facing)

Metal Flamingo decorative garden figure (Forward Facing and Rear Facing models)

Approx. dimensions 97 x 35 x 13cm (Forward) 92 x 33 x 13cm (Rear Facing)

Metal Flamingo (Forward Facing)
Product Code 568
Outer Quantity 4

Metal Flamingo (Rear Facing)
Product Code 569
Outer Quantity 4

Metal Owl (Blue Face and Brown Face)

Metal owl decorative garden figure (blue face or brown face)

Approx. dimensions 25 x 13 x 40cm (blue) and 22 x 11 x 38 (brown)

Metal Owl (Blue Face)
Product Code 596
Outer Quantity 4

Metal Owl (Brown Face)
Product Code 597
Outer Quantity 4


Metal Duck

Metal duck decorative garden figure

Approx. dimensions 44 x 40 x 16cm

Metal Duck
Product Code 600
Outer Quantity 4

Metal Hen and Cockerel

Metal Hen and Cockerel decorative garden figures

Approx. dimensions:

Hen:  50 x 38 x 15cm

Cockerel: 53 x 44 x 15cm

Product Code 598
Outer Quantity 4

Product Code 599
Outer Quantity 4

Blue Metal Owl

Hand painted metal owl decorative garden figure

Approx. dimensions 9 x 6 x 13cm

Hand Painted Blue Metal Owl 
Product Code 603
Outer Quantity 4


Funky Ducks

Metal Funky Duck decorative garden figure (Green Head and Blue Head models)

Approx. dimensions 47 x 30 x 15cm

Funky Duck (Green Head)
Product Code 601
Outer Quantity 4

Funky Duck (Blue Head)
Product Code 602
Outer Quantity 4